Tamperrada was established first time in August 2013

Members of the Conceil de Bailliage of Tampere have visited the Tamborrada at San Sebastian several times. The excitement with which all the citizens of a small town of under 200,000 inhabitants celebrate its gastronomic traditions is such a great experience that the Conceil de Bailliage wanted to bring the theme to Tampere as well. After all, it is true that Tampere is gastronomically the most interesting city in Finland with several top notch restaurants and innovative, creative chefs. – “Food is Art in Tampere.” And the location of the historical city of Tampere with lakes and river surroundings is really fantastic.

The theme of the Grand Chapitre 2013 echoes the world-renowned Tamborrada, the feast of San Sebastian, which is a celebration of Basque gastronomy! And that was also exactly what the Friday night at the Tamperrada existed! You could enjoy the Tamperrada at the best when you throw yourself into the carnival with all its wildness and delights, while still focusing on the essential, namely the magnificent gastronomic experiences.

During the week forward to Grand Chapitre one organized for instance a pintxos competition between 10 restaurants, which was open for tasting also for the general public. Totally 15 000 pieces of pintxos were eaten during this week in first year 2013. In year 2018 we have 55 restaurants and over 250.000 pintxos.

Tampere’s own Tamperrada is a tribute to good food, and it has become an annual tradition for us as well. – Tampere is the San Sebastian of Finland!